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What a wonderful half-term we have had in Puffins.  It has been packed with swimming, fun experiments, explaining new topics and learning about units of measurement. 


This week we have invented our own explanation text using our prior knowledge and understanding of the Digestive System.  The children have included many of the features that we discovered from our original text.  These included: parenthesis, subheadings, rhetorical questions and adverbials of time.  Well done Puffins!


In Maths we have begun looking at the brand new topic of Fractions.  We have learnt about adding fractions and also started to think about improper fractions. 


Within our Topic lessons we have thought about sorting living things using Carroll and Venn diagrams with given criteria.  This caused many interesting debates including: what type of animal is a platypus and can all birds fly?  We learnt about how living things are classified and thought carefully about MRS GREN, can you remember what each letter stands for?


No spellings will be handed out this week, take an extra week to practise the spellings you already have.

Don’t forget to keep practising your times tables as well. 


We hope you have a wonderful half term and aren’t too affected by the storm that is supposed to hit us again soon! 


Mrs Scott-Barratt, Mrs Karamucki and Mrs Allsopp