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In Maths this week we have been working really hard to complete our fractions unit. We have been finding fractions of amounts, finding the whole and using fractions as operators. We were all blown away to find out that 1/4 of 24 is the same as 1/4 x 24! We completed our unit assessment today and next week we move on to decimals and percentages! 


In English, we have been building up to our hot write by doing research about the Amazon river, creating a double-page plan, our formal plan and today we started our introduction! 


In Topic, on Monday we learned about population and how this changes in different parts of Brazil. We learned about the tribes in the Amazon, the favelas in Rio and how the rich live too! On Wednesday with Mr Ward they learned about how the land can be used and why deforestation is such a terrible thing to happen. They then created posters to try and persuade people to make better choices to avoid deforestation happening in the first place!


In our other subjects we learnt a new note in Music - C; we looked at mirroring and matching in gymnastics; in RE they learnt about how Muslims show charity; in French they recapped numbers and in PSHE we discussed puberty and the changes that prepare bodies to transition to adulthood. 


We hope those who go to the Valentines Disco have a lovely time and we will see you bright and early on Monday, ready for our final gymnastics lesson!