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This week has been full of percentages, instructions and carnivals!


In Maths we have moved on to looking at percentages and linking this with our knowledge of fractions and decimals. We have done really well with this and seemed to really crack how important the number 100 is when looking at percentages. We will complete this unit next week and then after Whitemoor Lakes we will be starting our unit about perimeter, area and volume!


In English we have started our unit on instructions. We have located the toolkit in the model text, comprehended a recipe, learnt about modal verbs and written an engaging introduction. Our best lesson this week was on Wednesday where the class had to write instructions to make a jam sandwich which I had to make. We quickly learnt the importance of being clear, precise and using detail in our instructions. Some of them did not look very tempting! 


In Topic we have carried on learning about Brazil and focused on the history and the culture where we organised key events in Brazil's history.


In PE we have started our new unit of dodgeball; in Music we have continued learning the hokey kokey and how to read notes; in French we learnt about clothing and how to say items of clothing in French and in Art we have started the process of creating a mixed media portrait! 


We finished the week designing our faces for a coronation tea towel!


Next week is a very exciting week with the residential and Science Week! 


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Cotton and the Eagles