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Welcome back to the final half term in Year 5!  I can’t quite believe we are nearly at the end of the year, and what a busy one it has been!  This week has also been very busy, it has involved our Science Wow Week, a brilliant Tennis lesson at Repton school and some very interesting explanation texts.


The week started of with us beginning our new unit in English: Explanation texts.  We looked at our Wagoll which was about the “Super Solar System”.  We have identified the features of an Explanation text, looked at a number of different examples of these types of texts and compared similarities and differences. 


Maths has involved us carrying on with our Geometry unit.  This week we have looked at the different types of triangles and their features as well as finding the missing angles around a point. We have enjoyed learning about quadrilaterals, parallel lines, vertices and angles - a very busy week!


On Tuesday, Year 5 were treated to a brilliant Tennis lesson at Repton School.  The children learnt some super skills and really enjoyed their session, even if it was rather hot!  All of the adults even got involved. The Eagles were extremely respectful, polite and very impressive with their tennis skills! 


Our Science Wow week has been a brilliant opportunity for the children to really develop their understanding of the Science unit involving Animals and Humans.  We have learnt about the different types of skeletons living organisms can have and how our muscles work as we move and why we need them.  We have also carried out an investigation thinking about how our height can effect how far we can jump.  The children put their investigative skills to the test, thinking about how to carry out a fair test, how we could make sure that our results were accurate and what our results lead us to conclude.  


Have a lovely weekend,

Stay safe

Mrs Cotton