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Gosh the Eagles have been busy again this week.  We have identified the features of a formal letter, added 3 or more fractions and learnt all about rivers.  We have also thought about who we grow with and what we can do to keep ourselves safe online!  What a jam-packed week.


Within English, we have begun to look at formal letters and what features they have.  We have identified the toolkit of a formal letter as well as written our own introductions to a given example.  Having researched how damaging palm oil is to the Amazon Rainforest and its inhabitants we have also begun to plan a letter encouraging large companies to stop using this horrendous product as one of their ingredients.


Maths has involved us tackling even more fractions this week.  We have looked at adding fractions with different denominators, how we convert them so they have the same denominator and even thought about simplifying them down to their lowest form.


We have carried on with our brilliant Geography topic this week and thought about rivers.  We have identified the different parts of a river and thought about how they flow.  We have also compared our own famous river, the River Thames to the Amazon River.  Both mighty rivers in their own way but also incredibly different!


This week saw us think about our own mental health as it was Children’s Mental Health week.  We thought about who supports us in our own emotional growth as well as the people who help us and care for us.  As a class we discussed how important it is to give time to our own mental health and how we must take just as good care of this part of our body as we do our physical bodies. 


E-safety day was also this week!  This saw us focus on how we can stay safe when we are online, playing games or surfing the internet.  The children were very sensible discussing how we should behave online and it made me very proud to see how important they felt it was to share with a trusted grown-up should they see or hear anything online that made them feel uncomfortable!  I was very impressed with their knowledge of what to do and how to stay safe. Well done!


A final note just to let you know that Mrs Frost is no longer training at Repton Primary and therefore it will either be myself or Mrs Ward teaching the class from this point onwards. 


Have a lovely weekend,

Stay safe

The Eagles Team