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Another jam-packed week in the Eagles class.  We have begun delving into the world of Geology, we have carried on thinking about the Physical and Human Geography if Brazil and we have thought about finding fractions of amounts.  We have definitely been engaging our brains this week. 


In English this week we have begun our brand new unit of Instructions.  We have analysed our model text which detailed how to catch a Cacus, a mythical creature.  We have thought about the features of this type of text, created our own pictures of the Cacus from description in the text and used modal verbs appropriately.  


Within Maths this week, we have looked at multiplying fractions, thinking about the fact that it is only the numerator that changes.  We have also begun finding out how to find the fraction of a number.  Although we found this tricky at first, all the Eagles worked very hard to understand this new concept. 


We began our new Science topic this week ‘Rocks’.  Our first lesson involved learning about the different properties of different classes of Rocks.  We looked at a variety of different rocks and thought about how the type of rock it was affected its properties. 


Next week is Science week.  The theme this year is Growth.  We are planning some fun activities which we hope the children will enjoy and will inspire the inner Scientist in them. 


We hope you have a lovely weekend,

Stay safe

The Eagles Team.