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Another super busy week! This week we have been finding equivalent fractions, writing relative clauses and making do and mending. 


In Maths we have started our unit on Fractions which will keep us busy til Christmas. It's been a tough start with our work on equivalent fractions, improper fractions and mixed numbers. We have spent time looking at what equivalent fractions are and representing them whilst recapping important information about numerators and denominators. Our homework this week is based on equivalent fractions as we still found that a little tricky. However, we will be doing lots of recaps throughout the weeks. 


In English we are over half-way into oour biography unit. We have been busy learning about relative clauses, researching Anne Frank, creating our double-page plans and practising how to use tricky writing tools such as conjunctions, fronted adverbials and even a semi-colon! Next week we start writing our biography!


In Topic we have been learning about Make do and Mend. We started by watching a very funny old video used by the Ministry of Information in 1943 to promote 'Make Do and Mend'. We then started our project and turned old garments into new and exciting objects. We will continue our sewing next week. 


In PE we did a brilliant lesson and added the dynamics to our choreography from last week. In Art we created monoprints from our drawings last week, which got very messy very quickly! In our Music lessons we have started using our flutes much more and most of us are creating a sound now, even me! We are starting to practise short tunes and will be building on these in the future. In PSHE we had a very funny lesson all about embarrassment and how different situations can affect people in different ways. In Computing, we used our research skills and tried to see how what you see the internet can create judgement. Our victim was Boris Johnson... Finally, we finished off the week learning about Remembrance Day due to it being the 11th November and we created some beautiful acrostic poems. 


A reminder that we are swimming on Monday so children will need to bring their swimming kits in. This also means the children won't need to come to school in their PE kit. 


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Cotton