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It has been so fantastic to see our Eagle class full again and we have all seemed to come in happy and raring to go!


We have jumped straight back into our learning but have enjoyed lots of opportunities to work in groups and work with children we might have not seen for a while!


In Maths we have spent the week playing some games, solving mysteries and working with groups to see what we have remembered about decimals, percentages and area, perimeter and volume as these were covered during home learning. Overall I am really impressed and I know what we need to practise a little bit more.


In English we have jumped straight into our new unit about recounts which we are linking in to our unit on World War 2. We have looked at lots of examples and really picked apart our model text about a child who lived in Coventry during WW2. In Topic we read our new story book about a girl called Rose Blanche who lived in Germany and saw a concentration camp and later we will compare the life of children who lived in England and those who lived in Poland, Germany and Austria. We had lots of super discussions and this will form the basis of History and Geography until June. 


We started the week with lots of PSHE about how to look after our mental health and what strategies we can put in place if we are starting to struggle and our PSHE about 'Our bodies' will continue for the next couple of weeks. Towards the later part of the year we will start to look at SRE (Sex and Relationship Education) and drugs, where there will be a letter to give you more information about what we will be covering. If you do have any worries or concerns then please send an email to


Finally, thank you for all of you support during these closures and I hope this past week was a nice transition back into normality.


Stay safe,

Miss Jordan