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What an amazing packed week we have had in the Puffins class.  It consisted of a wonderful and exciting trip to Chatsworth, an amazing show of Sporting prowess on Sports Day and some super persuasive radio adverts.


Our trip to Chatsworth House was filled with fun. The children loved all the different elements of the adventure playground - climbing the rope course, flying down the slides, zooming in the zip wire and playing in the sand and water (via the Archimedes screw). We also had a tour of the farmyard and enjoyed seeing the animals, feeding the goats and stroking the chickens and chicks. The children were all impeccably behaved and we hope they enjoyed themselves. 


The Puffins impressed us all so much on Sports Day.  Their teamwork, the way they supported each other and took part with such gusto was commendable.  All of the children took part in both Track and Field activities, which included: Javelin, Hoop throwing, long jump, Egg and Spoon race, Sack race and a super relay.  All of the children took part in every activity with a huge amount of enthusiasm.  We have definitely got some future Track and Field stars in our midst.


We hope you have a wonderful restful weekend and we will see you on Monday for the last week of the term and the year. 


The Puffins Team