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Another busy week in Puffins and we have definitely hit the ground running after Christmas!


In English this week we have been looking at poems in much more details. We have analysed a poem called 'The Magic box' and looked at how similes and metaphors are used by the author to create vivid pictures in our minds. We have also looked into how amazing our imagination is and used these to put objects into our own Magic Box. Today we have used what we have learnt and innovated an Identity poem together as a class.  The examples and phrases that we created were emotive.  


In Maths we have focused mainly on division and looked at sharing equally into groups. We have done this using counters, pictures and some have looked at the formal short method (or bus stop method). We have looked at exchanging and remainders but we still need a bit more practise so will use some time in the mornings next week just to consolidate the process. 


Within Topic we have had a very disgusting week and have been looking at the digestive system in some very messy details. This involved some coffee, crackers a banana and some plastic cups! We have also started our work on teeth and look forward to doing a very eggciting eggsperiment next week to look at tooth decay. 


In Computing we are continuing looking at e-safety and had a lovely lesson talking about strategies we can use to stay safe - both in the real world and online.



Year 3 – ‘a’ sound spelt ‘ai’ – straight, painter, fainted, waist, strainer, chained, claimed, failure, snail, waiter.

Year 4 – Adding on the suffix ‘ion’: expansion, extension, comprehension, tension, suspension, exclusion, provision, explosion, erosion, invasion.


We hope you have a lovely weekend!


Mrs Scott-Barratt, Mrs Karamucki and Mrs Allsopp