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Puffins have had another productive week this week, involving: angles, poetry of all different types and shadow puppet theatre designing.  Read on to find out more!


We began this week by starting our new unit on Poetry.  Our delve into Poetry so far has included; writing an acrostic poem, analysing ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling and learning about and writing our own Haiku poetry.  The children thought very carefully about ‘If’ and some even remarked on the fact it was very inspiring.  Super work in English this week, well done Puffins. 


Maths saw us start our new unit involving Shape and Geometry.  We have thought about how angles are measured as well as looked at protractors and how we can use them accurately.  We have also learnt about direction, thinking about how accurate instructions involving degrees and clockwise and anti-clockwise turns help us.


We have now nearly completed the design part of our DT topic.  The children have thought about all of their shadow puppet theatre designs and have chosen the one that they would like to make.  They have also thought about their design process and how they are going to go about creating their theatres.  This week and next we will be creating them.  I can’t wait to see their finished creations! 


In R.E. this week we thought about Holy Communion and its significance for Christians.  We discussed why Holy Communion is such an important ceremony for many branches of Christianity, the different ways it can be

celebrated and where it originates from.


We hope you have a lovely weekend!


Stay safe


Mrs Karamucki