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Revision: synonyms and antonyms.


Revise these grammatical terms and work through the powerpoint throughout the week. We would normally do 10 -1 5 minutes per day and complete the work on whiteboards. Therefore, do not feel you have to get this work written down - you could even do it verbally. 

Revision: Pronouns


If you have finished recapping synonyms and antonyms, please use this powerpoint to recap pronouns.



Children will need to think about what they have learnt about Sam and predict what could happen next to him. Think about his child, what could happen with the houses being built opposite? how might the landscape change?


Here is a clip of the book to recap what happens in Window:


They will then need to use the window frame and draw the new image that could go next. If they would like to draw their own window frame that is fine to do so. As a challenge, can they justify why they have included certain details?


Have fun!

Identifying the features of a toolkit


The Eagles will be building up to writing a biography about Sam; therefore, they need to understand the features of one. Read the biography about Usain Bolt and then can the children identify the features using the toolkit? As they would in school, create a colour key and underline the evidence when they find it.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Writing Sam's biography


Wednesday - recap the story by watching the youtube clip above and then have a go at planning Sam's biography using the template. Please feel free to look back at the model text from yesterday to give you some pointers!


Thursday and Friday - over two days, write up Sam's biography using the plan, toolkit and model text to help and aim to include the features we would expect for a biography.