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We are almost at the end of the first half term in Year 5. It’s been a wonderful week full of blitz artwork, online calls with schools in Kenya and planning our WWII themed newspaper report. 


In maths this week, we started our unit all around multiplication and division. We have been looking at factors common factors multiples and common multiples. We have been doing lots of investigations and really applying our knowledge of times tables. It’s been really important this week to know our times tables and this will continue into next week and the week after half term. Next week, we will start to look at cube numbers, square numbers and prime numbers.


In English this week it is all been about preparing to write our hot write next week. On Monday, the children researched what it was like when Neville Chamberlain declared that on the third of September 1939 Britain have joined World War Two. We have done our first double page plan, which worked really well to generate lots of ideas and get the children thinking about what they would like to include in their own newspaper report. Then towards the end of the week we took our ideas and we created a plan that we are going to follow for a hot write. Finally on Friday we started our report!


In topic this week we have been getting arty. We were looking at the blitz and then created a piece of blitz inspired artwork. We have been blending colours to create a graduated effect and then using silhouettes to create the bombed city of London. The children did a really good job blending the colours are very carefully to create the effect of fire and smoke. Most of these will hopefully be on display when you come in for your parents evening appointments next week.


We have been looking at reversible and irreversible changes in science, continuing to think does God exist in RE and practising our netball skills in PE. We have also been busy practising our harvest song that we are going to be singing next week.


Finally, the children had an amazing experience on Wednesday where we had a Google meet with children both from Britain but also from Kenya. As part of our international link work that we doing Year 5, we have been doing a project all about singing and dancing. We have filmed us singing songs in our lessons with Claire and Catherine but also our assembly songs as well. Then on Wednesday we had the opportunity to ask children from Kenya about their lives, their favourite songs, and also a really long and interesting conversation about Christmas. Throughout the year, we will continue to do lots of work with this partnership and hopefully will book another Google meet very soon. I think the children really enjoyed getting to talk to children not just in a different country but also a different continent. 


Next week is a very busy week. Not only do we have parents' evenings on Monday and Thursday, but we also have a harvest assembly on Monday. On Wednesday, we will also be doing our Bikeability session, which we are all very excited for! It is our final week before the half term break next week so I will be setting spellings next week but no homework - I think we have all deserved a rest!