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14th Sept

This week has been a busy week- we have followed our class timetable, which we are getting used to now. 


During our English lessons, we have been watching a video clip 'Lighthouse'. The children were all gripped by this clip.  We have produced a cold write where the children have written the story to go with the clip.  We have also drawn symbols to help us learn the real story.  I was very impressed with the children's imaginations. 


In Maths, we have worked on the place value of numbers and looked at comparing and ordering too.  The children have been successful with this and also enjoyed our warm up game- hit the button.  We have continuously beaten our daily score, the first day was 12, second day 13, and today was an amazing 16! I wonder if we can beat that next week?


We have also started our topic 'Empower Yourself' this week. We have learnt about key events in Ellen MacArthur's life.  This was very interesting.  Watching a video clip of Ellen speak about her achievements was extremely inspirational.  We spoke about our own dreams and how we might achieve these.  The children have some fantastic goals!


A great week Badgers- keep up the hard work.


The Year 6 Team