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Another busy, if slightly wet week in Squirrels! 

Within Maths this week we have discussed and tried using the most efficient subtraction method.  We have also thought about estimating and how we can do it effectively.  We have looked reasoning and problem-solving questions and have thought about the different methods with which we can check our answers. 

Our English focus this week has been on planning and writing a new diary entry involving all of the features we have been learning about.  We have also recapped the past tense and subordinating conjunctions.

We have begun a new era in History this week within our topic lessons, the Bronze Age.  We have begun learning about different artefacts that have been found from the Bronze Age, we have thought about what they might have been used for and how they would have been made.  We have also thought about how having Bronze as a material would have changed the lives of the people who lived in this era. 

We have also been focusing on National Anti-Bullying week, we have all made pledges about how we can improve school for the better as well as learning an anti-bullying song.  A very thought-provoking week. 

We regret that we had to cancel swimming this week due to the weather forecast, we really do hope that is the last of the heavy rain!  If it is forecast to be raining on a Swimming day please can you send your children in with appropriate footwear and waterproofs that have a hood.  Thank you.


Year 3 – Words with prefix ‘dis’: disappoint, disagree, disobey, disable, dislike, dislocate, disappear, disadvantage, disapprove, dislodge. 

Year 4 – Suffix ‘ation’ added to verbs: adoration, admiration, coronation, detonation, observation, location, generation, exploration, combination, illustration.

General Reminder:

  1. Individual school photos are taking place on Monday,
  2. The Scholastic book fayre will also be in school from Monday.  The children will have the opportunity to look at the selection of books on Monday, we are also providing them with a book slip so they can make a note of any books they may like.  It will be open both on Tuesday and Thursday after school while Parent’s Evening is taking place. 
  3. We look forward to seeing you all at Parent’s Evening next week.