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Well we are in the full swing of Year 5 it feels and we have been working incredibly hard this week. 


In Maths, number and place value has thrown us some tricky lessons this week but the children have done well to persevere! We have looked at number lines, powers of 10, counting on in multiples up to 100,000 and today we looked at comparing and ordering numbers to a million. We will complete our unit next week with a large focus on rounding. 


In English, grammar has been our focus this week. We are learning all of the elements so that when we write our own losing tale we can apply them independently. We have looked at direct speech, amazing openers using Alan Peat sentence types, expanded noun phrases and today we have planned our story for next week. We have mostly recapped Year 4 objectives and I have been very impressed with what they have remembered from last year! 


In Topic we have been busy looking at the alliances (the Allies and Axis Powers) and ordering key events using a time line. It's clear how much we are loving learning about the topic and it's been nice to use our Guided Reading sessions and English sessions to develop our knowledge and understanding further. 


The children have continued RE with Mrs Ward as well as starting French, PE, PSHE and Science lessons this week as we start to build up to our full, busy timetable.


School will be closed on Monday due to the Queen's funeral so I will see you back on Tuesday. If weather is looking good I will try to squeeze in a PE lesson next week and will try to give as much notice as possible. 

A reminder that Wednesday is our school photo day (individual children) and also our Meet the Teacher meeting at 3:30pm in our classroom. 

Mrs Cotton and the Eagles