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Well we really started our week with a bang with a wonderful visit from the Magical Mayhem magician. The children and staff were amazed by his skill at performing a range of different tricks. This was the perfect start to our English work based on ‘Leon and the Place Between’. We used some of the props he left, to start writing descriptive sentences using adverbial openers. It would be lovely if your child could learn a simple magic trick and we will have a magic show of our own! However no making the teacher disappear!


In Maths this week we have completed our work on addition and subtraction. We have also learned how to round numbers and use inverse operations to check answers. Our next block of work is multiplication and division. It’s so important that children know their times tables to be able to complete this work. Extra help at home is essential to build knowledge and speed. There are lots of games available on the internet and Mathletics. Singing and chanting whilst walking or in the car makes good use of a spare few minutes.


Have a lovely weekend.