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Well, what an incredible week it has been!  It has included burgers cooked on an open fire, paracord bracelets and den building.  Read on to find out more…


We had a very out of the ordinary week that involved our long awaited residential.  I promise I won’t be sending as many parent hubs in quick succession now you will be pleased to hear!

Although our journey to Boughton Woods was a little bit delayed by traffic, once we got there the children were so excited.  We met our tribe leaders who gave them the challenge of numbering off quickly, this was not only a fun game but was also a very handy way of doing a head count! After walking to the camp we would call home for the next 24 hours, we began our first survival task of finding fire wood in our newly appointed tribes.  The children had to find a variety of different sized sticks to make a campfire on which they had to cook their lunch (burgers and corn on the cob).  All tribes took to this task brilliantly and soon campfires were roaring and burgers were sizzling!


After a brilliant lunch, we played a few games including the stick game and Uncle Manners.  Our next activity of the day was to settle the things into our tents and get unpacked.  After this, the children had the task of building shelters, which proved to be quite useful as the rumbles of thunder turned into a full-blown storm.  The children made some brilliant shelters, created their own flags and decided Tribe names. After a few more games it was dinner time, then back to camp for s’mores, hot chocolate and bed.  After much excitement the children did eventually settle down to the sound of Charlie Chopsticks guitar playing which was accompanied by the odd screech of a Tawny Owl.


On the second day we were all woken up at the crack of dawn (4:15!).  The children were persuaded to go back to bed though and camp didn’t stir properly until about 6:30. Our second day started with packing up our things so that we could do as many activities as possible throughout the day.  After a hearty breakfast we began our first activity of the day which was making traps.  We discussed why we make traps and what they can be used for when surviving in the wild.  Our traps were needed to capture an escaped Gorilla though, who, when he made his way to our camp found our traps quite hard to break out of! 


Following a well needed break, the children were taught DR ABC. This is the basic first-aid actions on finding a casualty. A useful skill for everyone to learn as no-one ever knows when it may be needed.


After making sure we hadn’t left anything back at camp, we had a few more games and then headed off for a tasty lunch.  At this point Mr Tague decided he wanted to have a go at flying a plane, Mrs Karamucki and I tagged along for moral support but sadly our plane crashed resulting in very serious injuries! Thank goodness our camp had had some first aid lessons before lunch which proved vital in helping the three of us out of the plane and providing us with live saving first aid and medical care.  Due to this we have all made a speedy recovery.  We were able to thank our tribe and camp leaders who were amazing and couldn’t stop talking about what a wonderful group we were.  Sadly, after this it was time to head back to the bus and come back to school. 


Those children who stayed at school weren’t left out of the wilderness experience though as they planned and created their own dens thinking about how they could make them as warm and cosy as possible.  Super building!


The rest of the week has involved us looking back on our residential with fond memories, creating a wonderful book about what we did as well as some beautiful art work. 


I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of our trip away as much as we enjoyed the trip itself.  I was so incredible proud of the Squirrels and their behaviour while we were away. They took to every challenge with great enthusiasm and team work, supported each other and made brilliant camp mates.  Thank you so much for your brilliant attitude and making this week just as much as I had hoped it would be.  You are all superstars!!!