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In maths this week we have completed work on shape and found out about different 2D and 3D, angles, parallel, perpendicular, horizontal and vertical lines.

In English we have written our own diary entries and copied them in our best writing.

We were finally able to complete our solar water heater investigation and the children were amazed at how the water temperature changed from 21 to 54 degrees in just over an hour! We also discussed the dangers of putting your hand under a garden hose that has been left in the sun until the water has run through it for a while.

The children were very excited to have the opportunity to meet Miss Bailey, their new teacher for next year. They met at distance on the playground for a get to know you chat yesterday. It will very sad to see them all leaving us but we know they will have a fantastic time in year 4 growing in confidence and ability.

If we don’t get chance to see you again, we wish you all a very lovely summer holiday and thankyou for you continued support through a very difficult year.

Best wishes

Mrs Walters and Mrs Baxter