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We have made it to half term!


Our final week has been busy as usual but we finished feeling very excited for Whitemoor Lakes after finding out our groups and roomates!


In Maths we have started our decimal unit and we have been focusing on the place value of tenths, hundredths as well as relating them to our fraction work from before Christmas - this was our trickiest lesson! 


In English, we have been busy writing our explanation texts based on the Amazon river and they have done a fantastic job! We have been busy writing, editing and publishing our work and it is on our writing display sitting very proudly.


In Geography we learnt about trade and how countries import and export; in Science we compared life cycles and in PE we got the equipment out and developed some small sequences - they were some very advanced gymnastics going on! We also learnt about personal hygiene in PSHE; carried on with our flute work with Clair and Catherine and learnt about fasting in RE to link in with our work on the pillars of Islam. 


Finally, we finished the half-term with some golden time!


Have a lovely half-term break!

Mrs Cotton and the Eagles