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This week has been a wonderful week full of swimming, writing biographies and anti-bullying.


On Monday we started the week with a bang and went to Repton School for the Big Swim. The children were impeccably behaved and had a brilliant time. I was a very proud teacher!


In Maths, we have carried on with fractions and focused on comparing and ordering them. We started the week looking at fractions less than one and then moved on to fractions more than one (improper fractions and mixed numbers). We are finding it tricky as we are having to do lots of converting (either into equivalent fractions or mixed numbers) and times tables are vital in this role! We are doing lots of multiplication practise so hopefully this will become easier as the unit moves on. 


In English we have been busy writing, editing and publishing our Anne Frank biographies - and wow, they are incredible! It's like we have 29 professional writers in our classroom this week! They have worked so hard, used their research and included all of the features we would expect. Again, very proud!


In Topic we have been finishing off our Make Do and Mend. In French we have been purchasing tickets to different attractions. In RE we have been continuing our discussions on whether God is real and writing descriptions. In Music we learnt our first note on the flute: B! In Computing we were learning about online bullying and what we can do to stop it or to help someone. Finally, in PSHE we linked it to Anti-bullying week and did a piece of work about who we would 'Reach Out' to as that is this year's theme.


It was lovely to see everyone dressed so colourfully for Children in Need today! 

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Cotton