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This week, I feel we have really settled back into our routine and our behaviour for learning is at an excellent standard.


In maths we have started to look at our 2 week unit of 'Algebra' and we are hopefully enjoying it! It's been super to see how we are thinking mathematically about what the questions are asking us and how letters and symbols can represent unknown amounts. We will continue this up until the Easter holidays and next week we begin to look at equations!


In English we are in week 2 of our Recount unit and we have really been picking apart lots of grammar terms, completed some reading comprehension about a girl who was evacuated. Then, for the later part of the week, we have been planning our recount for next week by looking at first hand accounts of evacuation.


We have been starting to look at World War 2 in a lot more detail, identifying the alliances that were at play and the timelines of key events. In PE we are starting to look at agility and the skills such as receiving that will help us when it comes to competitive games and the Eagles have continued RE and Music with Mrs Eaton on a Tuesday afternoon.


Finally, we have all enjoyed Red Nose Day today - especially our talent show! The Eagles once again have blown me away with their talents and to everyone that joined in, helped or was a fantastic audience, thank you!  


It's been a lovely week and I think this sunshine has lifted our moods!


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Jordan