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A brilliant week full of poetry, degrees, polygons and DT!


Our English has seen us learn about personification, planning our 'The Comet' inspired poem, writing it up and publishing it for our writing wall. We had a tricky task of mimicking the style of the poet and had to use rhyme, personification and adjectives. They did a brilliant job and written some beautiful poems. We finished the week with some easier poems about space and one of our favourites - acrostic poems!


In Maths we have finished off our shape unit by calculating angles around a point, problem solving with lengths, angles and perimeter, identified regular and irregular polygons and 3D shapes! We started our position and direction unit on Friday by playing a fun game of battleships!


We were all very excited to start our DT projects this week where we are creating a solar system model. We have explored existing products, evaluated these and learnt about different mechanisms that we could use to create movement. 


We played some rallies in Tennis; added binary code in Computing, learnt about sexual orientation in PSHE; practised for our upcoming concert in Music; explored different media for some space drawings in Art and continued our RE and French with Mrs Ward on Thursday. 


4 more get ups before May half term!


Mrs Cotton