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This week the Eagles have had a fantastic week, especially in their writing: I was blown away by their bus boycott newspaper reports! We have spent a week writing but have focused on our writing skills and ensuring each sentence is perfect rather than rushing. Today we have written up our drafts for our writing wall and they look amazing! We have included all the features, relative clauses, parenthesis and some of us are starting to use advanced punctuation like semi-colons, colons and dashes. 


In Maths we’ve also had an amazing week and have focused on adding and subtracting fractions, including mixed numbers and improper fractions. We’ve converted, simplified and used our times table knowledge plenty this week! 


I have been out of class this week a bit but the eagles have been doing lots of super work with Mrs Eaton, including dance, RE and music. In Topic we have looked at the Empire Windrush and how our culture changed after World War 2 due to the influx of workers from the Commonwealth after we had lost so many men during the war. We even looked at the Windrush scandal and how civil rights are not always fair to all. Next week we will compare bus boycotts (Montgomery and Bristol) and what was happening in Britain during the 50s and 60s. Finally, in science we were very excited to get the electrical equipment out and we have been investigating voltage - it was shockingly interesting!


Have a brilliant weekend! 


The Eagles team.