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Well, the Eagles have had a very productive and busy second week back in school.  It has involved dioramas, long division and planting.

In out English lessons this week we continued to develop the skills to create a Story from another Culture.  We have developed our ability to create expanded noun phrases and also practised our use of inverted commas.


Maths involved us finishing our unit on Multiplication and Division.  We have practised the method of short division, the children have worked very hard to understand this method. We also know how important our tables are to multiplication and division so please continue to practise at home.


In Science this week we learnt all about the different parts of the plant, what their uses are and how a plant grows. Mrs Frost was very impressed with their knowledge and hopefully lots of cress is growing at home!


We have carried on our brand new unit in Geography, ‘Brazil: Heaven or Hell’.  This week we learnt all about the different layers of the Amazon Rainforest and which animals live in which layer.  The children have begun to create a diorama of a section of the rainforest using the shoe boxes which they brought in.  


I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Stay safe,

Thank you

The Eagles Team