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I can't believe it's the final term of Year 5! 12 more school weeks until the holidays! 


We have jumped straight back into our learning with so much new learning! In Maths we have started our unit on statistics with line graphs, tables and timetables. We have done really well with not only drawing our own line graphs but also interpreting different data. In gets a little tricky with timetables and working out difference in time but we will continue this next week.


In English we have started our new unit on Science Fiction narratives and have been doing lots of work based around Star Wars. We have studied and comprehended the model text, written descriptions of out-of-this-world settings, built tension and written dialogue between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader! 


Our English links to our new unit in Science which is Earth and Space. This week we have learnt about how the Earth is spherical and that some people didn't (and some still don't) believe this and think the world is flat! We then learnt about the different planets, their characteristics and how we can remember their order. This will be our STEM term where we combine Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. We have already combined a bit of Maths when learning about binary code in Computing and how this would have been useful when the Mars Rover would have been communicating with us on Earth! 


In other lessons we have been continuing to compose our own tune in Music and learnt a new note: F!  We also started Tennis on Wednesday and some very skilled tennis players in our midst. They also started their difference and diversity unit in PSHE with Mrs Abell and Mrs Broad on Tuesday and started their new unit on places of worship with Mrs Ward on Thursday.


As you can see, a very busy first week back!


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Cotton