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Wow, what a sportstastic week we have had this week!


In Maths we have started our statistic unit, looking at line graphs, interpreting data, drawing our own and on Thursday we labelled the parts of a circle and learnt some new vocabulary like radius, diameter and circumference. 


In English we are in week 2 of our Flashback unit and focused on lots of smaller elements of this narrative type, including using a variety of sentence openers (we love the Alan Peat ones), dialogue to advance the action, the oral retelling of a flashback and using the images of 'The Piano' to plan our writing for next week!


In Science we were very grossed out by mouldy bread but it helped us to understand it mould which is a fungus and therefore a microorganism. We investigated the location and condition of the bread and found that cold and dry were best, whereas light and damp produced a lot of mould!


We also did an extra investigation to look at how it's best to clean our hands and we have a clear winner: 20 seconds with soap and water! The unwashed hands were disgusting but the sanitiser for one side of the classroom was not much better!


On Thursday it was 'Sports Enrichment Day' and we had a great day zorbing and taking part in Nerf Wars - I definitely enjoyed it!


Mr Needham come in today to deliver our first of six Goal Of Actual Life (GOAL) lessons where they played a game of benchball and learnt about the importance of personal finance!


Finally, for those going to John Port the principal and Head of Year 7 came to visit and we got to find out lots and ask all of our sensible questions. For those going to different secondary schools, they completed some transition activities with Mrs Abell or Mrs Eaton.


Have a lovely weekend!


Miss Jordan