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ReptonPrimary School


21st Jan

This week the children have been writing their innovated story.  They have stuck closely to the model text so that they could magpie ideas. Some great pieces of work.  We are also working on proof reading as we write rather than leaving it all to the end.


We continued our work on decimals this week too, which we will complete next week.  We have used some of the time this week to complete some more past papers.  On Thursday we completed the spelling, punctuation and grammar paper and Friday we completed Maths Paper 1 (arithmetic) and paper 2 (reasoning). Miss Hobbs with work with the children next week on the reading paper and the final maths paper.  The children have all responded well to these and have worked very hard.  It gives them the opportunity to become familiar with the types of questions and the environment ready for May. 


During the afternoons, the children have continued work on America, in particular New York, perhaps they could tell you something they have learnt so far.  We are also continuing our work on classification in Science, this week we have learnt about the Linnaean system of classification.


We hope you have a lovely weekend.

The Ravens Team.