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This week has been filled with rounding, writing our lost tales and some very interesting discussions about how World War II started!

In our Maths, rounding has been a huge focus as we noticed we were still a little unsure about lots of rules. It's been a tough week but most of us are now confident to round within 1,000,000 and find those pesky multiples of 10, 100, 1000, 10,000 and 100,000! We have used number lines a lot to see which multiple its closest to and thought about our rule '4 or below, get down low - 5 or above, give it a shove!' Next week we will move on to our 2 week unit on addition and subtraction! 


Our English started off with a beautiful diary entry written as King Charles III on the day of the Queen's death! I was a little concerned at the morbid nature of the task but they did a beautiful job! Very descriptive, emotive and really showed that duality of sadness but also responsibility. The work will be displayed for a whole school project where half have done a piece of work on Queen Elizabeth and half on King Charles. The writing theme carried on and we are hard at work writing our lost tales set in WWII. We are hoping to finish, if not already, on Monday and these will be published for our writing wall! Our next unit will be Newspaper reports and we will look at the declaration of war as our newsworthy event. 

In Topic we have been analysing sources about the state of Germany after World War I and how Hitler came to be so powerful. It was difficult as we had to put ourselves in the position of people who wanted Hitler to take back control and wanted him to lead. However, they did a brilliant job and were incredibly thoughtful and mature! 


We had a very funny singing lesson with Clair on Tuesday,  wonderful RE and French lessons with Mrs Ward and carried on our science unit all about properties of materials. Back to normal on Monday with PE! We've not had much luck with our PE lessons this term but fingers crossed for good weather! 

Have a lovely weekend, 
Mrs Cotton and the Eagles