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It's seemed like a long start to the term but we have made it!


In Maths, we are 4 weeks into our 5 week block on the four operations and this week we have focused on long division, which they have really persevered with! We will continue to recap this throughout Year 6 but please keep practicing those times tables - it does make a world of difference!


In English, we have looked at Benjamin Zephaniah to link into our work with Black History Month. We have completed comprehension activities, planned and written a biography, written our own poem inspired by Zephaniah and written a tweet from the point of view of a turkey. After half term, our new book is called 'A is for activist' and we will look into the civil rights movements both in America and Britain, looking at racism and segregation. If you would like to look at our topic map, it is on the Eagles home page.


This week in the afternoons we have worked really hard to finish off our evolution unit in Science and had a very fun game of dodgeball on Thursday. In RE they worked really hard with Mrs Eaton on Tuesday and after half term we will begin our unit on art, architecture, generosity and charity; although; there will be one week remaining from our unit this term that we lost due to self-isolation. 


Have a lovely half term everyone, it's lovely to have you all back as Eagles and enjoy and well-earned rest!


Miss Jordan