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This week in maths we have started learning about time. We have been finding out about days in each month and using calendars. We have learned a rhyme and a trick with our knuckles to help us remember. We have also been learning about past and to and telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes. This is quite tricky so please help your children at home with this.

In English, we have been writing up our play scripts and retelling stories from the Twits. We had lots of fun acting them out for our friends.

In topic work we have been learning about why early settlers chose places to live so that they could have a supply of water, land to grow crops, trees for wood and higher ground for security. We also found out how the end of a place name can tell us about which group of people first settled in an area. We looked at local maps and found lots of Saxon names ending in –ton for example and Viking names ending in-by. Have a look as you drive around over the holidays.


Don’t forget the children return to school on Tuesday 4th June as Monday is an INSET day.


No spellings this week.