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This week in English, we have completed our Hot Write of our own diaries. The children have done a really good job of applying the skills they have learned and used the dairy feature we have focussed on. Over the holidays, please go back to check gaps in high frequency spelling words as given during the Autumn, as we will be reassessing these after half term.


In maths, we have been adding and subtracting measurements of length. Some of the children have found this very difficult as the have to remember to convert to the same units before they can complete the calculations. Some discussion and practice of these skills would be a real help. We have just a little time left on measures then we will be moving on to fractions. This uses lots of multiplication and division, so please make sure your children are learning times tables.  Please encourage your children to use TTRS, as it would be good to see Squirrels on the leader board more often.


In topic, we had a lovely time learning all about Swedish homes. The children enjoyed learning about why many were built of wood and painted red. Quite a few liked the idea of having a sauna in the garden, but not so keen on jumping in cold water!


On Tuesday, we had an impromptu visit from our community police officer- Officer Bob. The children were shown his car and some of the items kept in it and things he has in his jacket. The were surprised at how heavy the jacket was- about the same as a small child. One luck child even got to sit in the car and put on the “Blues and Twos”. They were surprised at how loud it was!


We hope you all have a lovely half term holiday.