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Our third full week as Eagles and it has been a little different to usual due to it being our first chance to look at some SATs papers. We did find parts tricky (as you’d expect) but they were sensible and I could tell each and every child tried their best. SATs are always something that can strike fear into a Year 6, but by doing papers throughout the year, we hope that come May – the children will be so used to them they won’t bat an eyelid! It has also given me the opportunity to see what areas we did to recap as the SATs will look at elements from the year 3, 4, 5 and 6 curriculum and therefore, we might have forgotten how to do something from a long time ago.


In the afternoon sessions we have really enjoyed looking at spreadsheet formulas in Computing and we also wrote a super recipe in PHSE for what makes our school amazing – they came up with beautiful ideas! We have continued our work in RE, focussing on karma this week, and started to look at the role that graffiti can play to make political and environmental statements. We have discussed deforestation, global warming, plastic pollution, Black Lives Matter and lots of other topics that we feel passionate about. We will take these ideas and our ‘tags’ to create a final piece of what we would want to say to the world. To finish off the week, this afternoon we have looked at the theory of evolution and how different scientists have varying views about how living things have came to be how we know them today – it’s caused quite a lot of discussion!


Have a lovely weekend and we will be back to the new normal on Monday!

Miss Jordan, Mrs Eaton and Mrs Abell