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In Maths this week we have been busy continuing our fraction unit. For this week we have focused on adding and subtracting fractions, sometimes with the same denominator, sometimes with different denominators and towards the end of the week we were adding in mixed numbers and improper fractions. We have also started to look at simplfying fractions. We have 7 more lessons on fractions, a bit of a break and then we do another 2 week block in Spring term. Our homework this week will be adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators so we can get a bit more practise finding those common denominators! 


In English we have started our new text type: Non-Chronological Reports! This will be our final writing based on WWII, which I think we are all very sad about! We have learnt the text type, created symbol maps, found common features and comprehended some examples to test our comprehension skills. Finally, we had a go at using adverbials of manner, place, time, freqeuncy and duration to create cohesion in our writing. 


In Topic we have moved on from the economy and started looking at jobs. We started the week learning about soldiers and what life would have been like for them fighting on the front line. Then, we moved on to looking at women and how their roles changed both during and after the war due to the extra responsibilities they had to take on. 


In other areas of the curriculum, we performed our final choreography for 'Dance by Chance' on Monday; asked for directions and gave them in French; did some search engine investigations in Computing, carried on our investigation to whether God is real in RE; learnt about changing emotions in PSHE and designed our very own buildings in Art! 


Have a lovely weekend,
Mrs Cotton and the Eagles