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We have had another busy week. Within English we have been writing our persuasive letters using all of the techniques we have learnt throughout this unit of work.  Our letters were focused on increasing the amount of recycling bins in our local area and how important this is, not only for our local area but also for the environment and climate change in general. Next week we will work in partners to edit and improve our letters.


Year 4 have carried on focusing on fractions this week thinking about both improper fractions and mixed numbers. 

Year 5 have also begun comparing and ordering fractions above 1 which has involved them finding equivalent fractions and using this to order them.  


We have carried on exploring our Topic unit which is focused on Climate Change.  Our scrapbooks are coming along brilliantly and they are definitely showing how much we are learning about this incredibly important topic. 


Our spellings this week are:

Year 4: Spelling List 22 - The suffix ‘cian’ instead of ‘sion’ – musician, magician, electrician, politician, mathematician, technician, optician, beautician, physician, dietician.

Year 5: Spelling List 22 - Letter string ‘ough’ – though, although, dough, doughnut, rough, enough, tough, plough, bough, toughen. 

These will be tested on the first Friday after the Easter break.


Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Stay safe and see you next week.

Mrs Webb