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This week the Eagles have worked super hard!


We are coming towards the end our Algebra unit with a few more lessons to go next week but I think we have definitely enjoyed the challenge! This work we have focused mainly on equations, solving one-step, two-step and today we have been finding possible pairs of values - for example if a + b = 7, what could these represent?


In English we have been doing a 'Slow Write' where we focus on a paragraph per day and really slow down the writing process. We have had targets of what we have needed to included and we have written some amazing WW2 recounts! Today we have been publishing them for our class writing wall. 


In Topic we have been focusing on the Blitz. On Monday, we analysed some sources of information about the Blitz including photos, radio broadcasts and newspaper reports and then on Wednesday we produced some beautiful artwork for our classroom using silhouettes of the city, I've attached an image below as we are all very proud of our artwork!


In R.E. they have been designing their own religious spaces with Mrs Eaton and we enjoyed a cathartic game of Dodgeball in PE as a special reward for how hard they have worked since all returning to school.


Just a reminder that next Wednesday is our last day before we break up as Thursday is an INSET day and Friday is Good Friday - that has really crept up!


Have a lovely weekend,


The Eagles Team