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Well, it has been a jam-packed half-term that has felt like it has flown by! It has been filled with shadow puppet theatres and Jubilee celebrations.  Read on to find out more. 


We continued our Geometry unit in Maths this week by thinking about using protractors to help us measure and draw angles accurately.  We also thought about finding the missing angle on a straight line.  Some brilliant calculating and angle understanding, Eagles.  Well done!


In English this week we completed our Poetry unit by thinking about the meaning behind the vocabulary used in poems in a reading comprehension.  We also thought about performance poetry, how we can make poetry come alive to the audience and how the way we present poetry allows it to mean different things.  The children practised a Mindfulness poem and the Eagles and Puffins took part in a very good Poetry slam! The Eagles did amazingly and might have won the slam... I was very proud! 


On Monday we had a whole DT day creating our shadow puppet theatres and shadow puppets.  Although we were met with a few obstacles along the way the children overcame them all to produce some brilliant theatres.  They were all incredibly effective and I was blown away by the intricacy of some of the puppets that the children created! We enjoyed our puppet show on Wednesday and we had some super performances! 


This week culminated in our wonderful Jubilee celebrations.  The children have created some brilliant Art work that they were very proud to display in the hall.  They all looked brilliant in their festive outfits and they decorated the classroom beautifully.  Although our picnic on the field was a tiny bit damp it felt very British and I’m sure the Queen would have been very proud of us carrying on despite the weather. 


I hope you have a wonderful half-term holiday with some Jubilee celebrations thrown in! 

Have a lovely restful week!

Stay safe


Mrs Cotton