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What a busy week the Puffins have had. 

Within Maths, Year 3 have been rounding to 10’s and 100’s and Year 4’s have also been rounding above 1000’s.  All the children have worked very hard to understand how to order numbers and which numbers they need to look at to think about ordering these numbers correctly. 

All of the Puffins have taken part in the writing competition which is part of the Repton Literary Festival.  The children have written some brilliant short stories. 

In our English lessons we have planned and written our Historical Narrative Hot Write.  The children have all persevered in including all of the aspects we have been learning about in this topic, including fronted adverbials and exciting sentence openers.  Our Writing Wall is becoming very hard to walk past without stopping to read the children’s wonderful stories. 

Within our Topic lessons we have been learning about what people in the Stone Age would have eaten and we have planned Stone Age menus, I’m not sure many of us would have had a big appetite should we have lived in the Stone Age!

We have begun practicing out Harvest Festival song, ‘The Harvest Samba’.  The children will receive a copy of the words next week so we can learn the song for our performance within the school’s Harvest Festival concert.  It already sounds very good!


Year 3: List 4 – ‘se’ spelt ‘sure’ – measure, treasure, pleasure, enclosure, displeasure, composure, leisure, exposure, closure, disclosure. 

Year 4: List 3 – ‘in’ becomes ‘il’, ‘in’ becomes ‘ir’ – illegal, illegible, immature, immortal, impossible, impatient, imperfect, irregular, irrelevant, irresponsible.

We hope you have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Scott-Barratt, Mrs Karamucki and Mrs Allsopp