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We have had great week in Squirrels and can’t believe how fast the term is flying by! We have been so impressed with the final write up of the Orangutan Dream story this week, and can see how much the children have improved writing skills since the beginning of September. This week we have started to study another story by Anthony Browne- ‘Gorilla’. We have been comparing and contrasting the two stories, and in particular the main characters.


Reading at home and discussing books is so important to help develop fluency and comprehension. Please remember to ask questions about punctuation, character’s feelings and make predictions. Each day that children read at home and the reading diary is signed by parents, they earn a stamp on their reading card. When the card is complete they earn a small prize. This week, we have given out our first two prizes for reading at home. The children are excited about this so they may be asking you to read with them lots more!


In Maths this week, we have been focussing on multiplication and division mainly involving the 3 times table. When you are working on times tables at home, it would be really helpful to embed some of your questions in problems. There is an example here but I am sure you can think of lots yourself.

I am thinking of a number. My number is odd. It is less than 30 and is a multiple of 3. My number cannot be divided by 5, but it is a multiple of 7. What is my number?


In our topic work, we have compared the Rainforest to Sherwood Forest, set up our investigation into what plants need to grow and been learning to draw insects. We have also learned about artists who use insects as inspiration.

Please remember to send your children with some extra layers under their uniform now the weather is getting colder, as we need to keep the rooms well ventilated.


As things are a little different this year, we are only sending cards within our own class bubbles. If your child wishes to send cards to their class mates, they will go in a class post-box for 72 hours before being handed out.


Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Walters and Mrs Baxter


This week’s Spellings

Year 3 –

List 11 – Adding suffixes with vowels