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This week we seemed to have really hit our stride and produced some brilliant work!


In Maths this week we completed our statistics unit and moved on to shape. The highlight of the week was our work on degrees on Tuesday and some fantastic and colourful pieces of work on identifying different angles on Wednesday. On Friday we started to look at protractors and how to use these to measure angles. We used today as a bit of a practice and next week we will continue this to ensure we can measure angles accurately.


Our English this week has seen us planning and starting to write our Science Fiction stories and already we have written some brilliant opening paragraphs! We have worked hard on building suspense, description and speech this unit and it's lovely to see it being put into action!


In Science we learnt some very interesting words: heliocentric and geocentric! We discussed the meanings of both and which scientists believed in which. In Music the children continued to practise their new note of F and continued to compose their own music using the 5 notes and the notations. In Tennis we practised the backhand and then did some doubles matches to end the game. Finally, we continued to learn about the Mars Rover, RAM and CPUs in Computing and celebrated our differences in PSHE. 


Have a lovely long weekend!

Mrs Cotton and the Eagles