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We have had a brilliant and positive week in Foxes, nicely rounded off with some sunshine!

Maths –

In Year 4, children completed their decimals unit and therefore spent the rest of the week focusing on Times Tables and practicing our problem-solving skills. In Year 5, children have continued their work on decimals and are now able to add and subtract decimals using a variety of methods and can also find complements to one.


English –

This week we focused on Poetry, looking specifically at cinquain poems. At the start of the week, children analysed and performed various poems. Over the course of week, children spent time working on numerous skills to create a cinquain poem such as counting syllables, finding synonyms and extending/shortening phrases where necessary. By the end of the week, children were well equipped to write their own cinquain poems. Children produced some phenomenally powerful poems about the destruction of our Earth which included some fantastic vocabulary. The children then presented this alongside their fabulous artwork next week.


Art –

The children have left me totally amazed by their attention to detail in art this week. We looked at examples of artwork that used the Earth at the centre and then had added elements to show how the Earth is being harmed by man. The class then created their own interpretation of these. Every child created a fantastic drawing that they then used as inspiration for their final cinquain. I was genuinely totally blown away by the artistic talent in the class.


Blue Peter –

There was great excitement yesterday when a package was delivered to our classroom. As I’m sure your children told you, it was full of green Blue Peter badges. If you haven’t already, please check out the ParentHub message for details on how to get your child a Blue Peter Badge card which will get them in to 200 attractions for free!


We hope that you have a fantastic half term break and look forward to seeing the children back and refreshed on Tuesday 8th June!

Thank you,

Mrs Webb