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What a busy first week of our Summer Term it has been.  What with Bikeability, starting a new Science topic and getting back into the swing of a new term, we haven’t stopped!


Monday saw the whole of Year 5 take part in Bikeability.  Both Mrs Karamucki and Mrs Cove passed on how very impressed with how hard the children worked and how well they concentrated. 


Within Maths we are carrying on with our decimals unit.  This has included subtracting and adding decimals within 1.  The children have worked very hard on this and have proved to themselves how important number bond knowledge is to help them. 


English has seen us begin our new Narrative unit, Stories from other Cultures.  We have analysed our WAGOLL “The empty pot”, a story set in Ancient China about a King who challenged the boys in his country to grow a plant from a seed he gives them.  But little do they know there is a trick that only the most honest will discover.  We have looked at expanded noun phrases and how they can help us add in even more expressive detail into our writing. 


Our brand new Science topic is Light, we have thought this week about how light travels to us and what the difference between man-made and natural light sources are. We have also looked at reflection and what makes some surfaces more reflective than others! 


PSHE has involved us starting our new unit “Bullying Matters”, we have thought about how important it is to stand up for those people being bullied and how we can help them to feel better about themselves. 


I hope you had a lovely Easter holiday and have a lextra-long lovely weekend!

Stay safe

Mrs Cotton