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ReptonPrimary School



We have had another lovely week in Puffin’s class this week. 


Within Maths Year 3 have been multiplying and dividing by 3 and 4.  Year 4 have been multiplying and dividing by 6 and 9.  We have looked at lots of different ways of showing multiplication and division, including repeated addition and arrays.  We have also looked at reasoning and problem solving questions about equal groups. 


In English we have begun to look at the topic of Mystery Stories, we have written our Cold Write as well as looking at expanded noun phrases and thinking about how we can include them in our own writing.  We have learnt our example Mystery Story “The 25th December Incident” and created actions and a symbol map for it.  This has allowed us to really think about What A Good One Looks Like (WAGOLL) so that we really understand what the features of a Mystery Story are. 



Year 3 – Adding suffixes with vowels: gardening, gardened, limited, limiting, developing, developed, listening, listened, covered, covering. 


Year 4 – Adding ‘ly’ to an adjective: usually, finally, beautifully, thoughtfully, wonderfully, faithfully, carefully, peacefully, cruelly, generally. 


Thank you very much for the jars we have had already for our Christmas Crafts. 



We have noticed a lot of disruptions in class due to pencil cases, we are asking that children no longer bring their pencil cases into school.  Thank you for your co-operation.


We hope you have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Scott-Barratt, Mrs Karamucki, Mrs Allsopp and Mrs Jennens.