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This week the Eagles have gone straight back into 'normal' learning after SATs papers last week and they have worked really hard!


We have been finishing our converting units of measurement unit and it's been a tricky one! There's so much to remember in terms of mm, cm, tonnes, l, kg, g, inches, gallons, pints, miles, kilometres etc. However, we have found that making notes and using knowledge organisers has helped us at least take the memory aspect out to focus on the multiplying, dividing and problem solving! I was extremely impressed with their use of two-step function machines to convert miles and kilometres and the eagles nailed it, well done! 


In English we have been focusing on lots of grammatical elements of a biography: looking at cohesive devices and the passive voice. We have also been researching Anne Frank and planning our biography to write next week. Any extra research over the long weekend will help so please feel free to let the children bring their own research into school. 


In the afternoon we have been continuing with Netball, starting our 'Living things and their environment' unit in Science by looking at classification and making their own rap with Mrs Eaton in Music! 


Thank you to everyone who has brought their hoodie slips back - we are very close to getting all back and the sooner we can do that the sooner they can get ordered! 


Have a lovely long weekend,

The Eagles Team