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Our final weekly update before Easter and what a busy week it’s been!


In our Maths we have finished off our current unit learning about area and volume. We started with area of compound shapes by splitting up the shape, finding the individual areas and then adding these together. Most of us could do this if the shapes were already cut up but found it tricky when missing lengths were involved. We ended the week estimating area, learning about volume and comparing volume.


In English we have linked this to our Geography where we have spent the week comparing Sao Paulo and Derby which has culminated in some beautiful double page spreads! Lots of research was required but the outcome was worth it!


In other lessons we finished our Dodgeball unit with a tournament on Monday. We have been busy composing and rehearsing songs in Music with Clair and Catherine. In PSHE we had a brilliant lesson about homophobia and offering advice to Liam, who had experienced some homophobic language.


I have set optional long multiplication homework over the holidays to consolidate a tricky method and we won’t have PE on the first Monday back due to class photos. Once a day has been arranged I shall let you know – it’s looking like Friday currently!

Have a lovely Easter holiday!

Mrs Cotton