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We have had a very busy week in Squirrels this week. We were disappointed we couldn’t go swimming on Tuesday but we are pleased to tell you the pool is now back in working order and we will be swimming as normal next week.


In English this week, we have started to explore Explanation texts and the children now all know “How to be a teacher”! WE have made our tool kit and understand the features we will find in this type of text. We have also been leaning about using causal conjunctions to extend sentences and make them more interesting.


In Maths this week, we have started to learn about using measurements of length and how we can use these to find the perimeter of shapes. Measurement is a great skill you can support at home by asking children to use tape measures and rulers to find lengths. For longer lengths that are harder to visualise, you could look at the kilometres you cover when in the car.


In topic this week we have continued observing the effects of different liquids on an egg shell to represent the effect on our teeth. We have discussed how we can stay healthy by eating a balanced diet of foods from different food groups.

Finally thank you to all of you who sent in cakes and biscuits for our cake sale to support the animals affected by the Australian bush fires. So far we have made an incredible £301! We will sell cakes again on Monday so please send some money in with your children if you would like them to buy a cake for themselves or some to bring home.

This week’s spellings

Year 3

Obey, prey, convey, survey, grey, osprey, disobey, they, surveyor, conveyor

Year 4

Courageous, outrageous, nervous, famous, adventurous, disadvantageous, ridiculous, carnivorous, rapturous, torturous