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This week has been very busy with completing our hot writes of a newspaper report. The children enjoyed writing about our special hands on investigations during science week then presenting their final work in columns just like a real newspaper.


In maths, we have completed our first section of work on fractions and will be moving on to two more weeks of adding, subtracting and finding fractions of amounts after the holiday.


This week we have concluded our work about Sweden with a visit from 2 members of staff from IKEA Nottingham. They taught the children about the history and development of the company then went on to explain the values they all adhere to which are so close to our own school values. To highlight “Togetherness”, the children learned about working together as a team by playing a collaborative stepping stone game. They then looked at the company’s commitment to sustainability and found out that they send no waste from the business to landfill. In addition, their soft toy range is made from plastics recovered from the sea! They learned that flat-packing items for home assembly not only reduced cost of the items but also made them cheaper to transport and store. They built a small table and could see it took about a fifth of the space of a built table. They finished the day by making a flag of their own design using scrap fabrics whilst enjoying an IKEA biscuit and a sweet!


After the holiday we will complete a little work on magnets and forces then move onto our main science-based topic of Light. This will be covering areas such as shadows, reflections, movement of the sun and the stars we see in the sky.


We are not setting new spellings over the holiday so please just spend some time revising Y1/2 and Y3/4 spellings and working on Spelling Shed tasks.


On the first day back, we will be having photographs taken. Just for this one day, please send children in normal uniform with PE kit in a bag for the afternoon.


We hope you all have a lovely holiday!