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ReptonPrimary School


4th Feb

This week has been another busy week.  We hope having the previous SATs papers at home is helpful and these can be used as a revision tool.  Thank you to those of you that have returned the reply for the CGP books already, we look forward to receiving some more next week.


During our English lessons this week, we have started a new topic- Newspaper reports. The children have enjoyed reading a model text and working with this throughout the week.  We will continue our work on this for the next couple of weeks.


In Maths, we have continued to work on using percentages. Towards the end of the week our focus has been finding percentage of amounts. In particular we have looked at using the most efficient method, which is different for each child as they may find one method easier than another.


This week we have also started our new book- Front Desk! This will be the focus of our reading sessions in class for the next term or so.  Everyone did brilliantly looking for clues on the front cover to suggest which part of America the book was set. So far, the children are very excited about what is going to happen.


We hope you have a lovely weekend,


The Ravens Team