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A very busy, book filled week this week in the Squirrels’ class. We have loved really getting into the story of Little Mouses’ Big Book of Fears. We have done lots of different writing using adjectives, adverbs, synonyms and antonyms as well as finding out about the Latin words for different fears. We have each worked on a scrap book style page about our fears which we are making into The Squirrels’ Big Book of Fears! It was a lovely day on Thursday which was World Book Day and we really enjoyed lots of different reading activities. It was lovely to see the children so engaged with their reading when the volunteers came in and their manners were exemplary – well done!

In Maths we have done a lot of work on comparing and ordering and how to find a fraction of an amount. Some tricky concepts and lots of mathematical language to grasp but they’ve done a brilliant job so far. A few more lessons on fractions of amounts and we are going to be a class of fraction geniuses.

Topic has been very interesting this week and we have been looking at adaptation and evolution. We have looked at how animals have changed over time to suit their environments and thinking about how humans might have to change in the next million years.

PE will be outside more often now that Spring is on the way, so please make sure that children come to school with trainers, jumper and/or jogging bottoms – plus a change of top and socks.

Have a lovely weekend,

Squirrels’ Team

Year 3 spellings –

build, describe, imagine, library, natural, ordinary, promise, recent, suppose, weight

Year 4 spellings –

breath, business, caught, different, exercise, extreme, medicine, possession, although, thought