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ReptonPrimary School



We hope you all had a lovely holiday and got some rest and sunshine!

We have had a busy week in English where we have been writing a new version of a set of instructions closely linked to our original text. The children are now planning their own instructions an will start to write them using all of the skills they have learned.

In maths, we have come to the end of our work on money. The children have done really well with understanding this and have learned different ways to find totals and change.

We are all prepared for our residential visit next week and getting very excited. We went to visit the site and meet some of the staff on Monday and we know the children are going to have a wonderful time!

A last few reminders

Please complete any medication forms and bring them to school along with medication in a clear, marked back at 8.15 on Monday.

Please make sure all of your children’s clothes and belongings clearly labelled and they can recognise their things.

They will also need- bags for wet/ dirty clothes, plenty of layers and change of shoes as the weather may be variable, warm socks for in bed, sun hats etc

We look forward to seeing you all bright and early on Monday, have a lovely weekend!